The wellness spaces at Drymades inn Resort open the doors of a world inspired by the freshness and energy of the Mediterranean, its incomparable nature and the crystal clear waters of the turquoise. From massages offered by Thai experts to saunas, spa and traditional Turkish baths known for their curative effects, you will discover the magic of peace of mind and body rejuvenation in the wellness treatments offered at the Drymades Inn Resort.

Drymades Inn Spa

We are passionate about helping you be a happier and healthier person. Our Wellness spaces are dedicated to helping you balance your mind, body and soul. Experience the refreshing influence of earth elements from ancient eastern traditions at Drymades Wellness

Signature Spa Treatments

Drymades Inn Spa brings selected treatment therapy by combining inspired traditional culture. Come and discover the space where the main focus is you. Pamper your senses with traditional Thai massages. This is where your journey to health and well-being begins

Adventure Point

To fulfill the wishes of each visitor we have worked to create different points of activity in the resort. From the creation of relaxing wellness and spa facilities for quiet days to the creation of water sports spaces for visitors. The deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea have a lot to discover and offer during your stay at the Drymades Inn. You can dive with our group ‘Albania Adventure’ where you can discover the Mig plane and the old military ship in the salty waters of the Drymades coast


The Albanian coast has many attractions to be discovered at close range. One of the most beautiful natural treasures is the bay of Gjipe. We recommend you enjoy it under the adrenaline of rafting accompanied by the professionals of ‘Albanian Adventure’. This is an experience not to be missed during your stay at the Drymades Inn.