Situated on the sandy beach of Dhermi, Drymades Inn has a lot to offer to every single visitor. From the amazing view from our restaurant, to our outdoor pool, to our relaxing spa, your experience in Drymades Inn is sure to be as memorable as it will be enjoyable.


Located on the crystal clear coast of Dhërmi, with a stunning coastline, Drymades Inn Resort is unique in the sense of tranquility and comfort it offers. Its proximity to the historic village of Dhermi and the city of Himara give every vacationer the opportunity to enjoy in addition to the sea and culture, gastronomy and historical riches of the area.


Drymades Inn Resort offers a wide range of activities designed with the thought of involving visitors into the atmosphere of the season while showing the best of the south coast. Emphasizing the beauty that nature has given us, the food and the creation of a comfortable environment. The experiences have been adapted to give every client the opportunity to dive into the summer rhythms of southern life

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    All the facilities will be reconstructed with a new image and the whole resort will be baptized “Drymades Inn Village” which will see its doors open, by promise, in May 2025. Swimming pools in almost every part of the Inn and villas with private pools. Majority of the pools have built-in Jacuzzis. Max capacity is 150 guests but in the upcoming season it will be 500 +. Moreover, to suit the guests, there will be 2 large conference rooms fully equipped, outdoor and indoor movie theaters, tennis court as well as public swimming pool. On top of that, we will build 1 posh restaurant measuring 300 m and another one of 100m, a gym, 2 beach bars and more…

    Bar & Restaurant

    Drymades Inn Resort was created to seduce all the senses, with an open invitation to experience unique tastes and experiences. You can find the main restaurant serving Mediterranean and international cuisine. The pool bar is the ideal place for fast food and refreshing cocktails. Your gastronomic experience will be unforgettable.

    Spa & Wellness

    Relax the body, rejuvenate the mind and forgive the freedom of the soul in the spa & wellness environment. With a wide and selected number of massages, relaxing treatments for face and body, we invite you to be part of a journey inspired by modern and traditional therapy.

    Drymades Inn

    Inspired by the fascinating memories of summer, the Drymades Inn Resort is known for its quality service, warm atmosphere and sense of romance combined in a unique and extraordinary way with nature.